Michael, George : Freeek!

Who’d have thought three e’s could be this much fun?...

George Michael

Freeek! (Polydor)

He returns! Oh yes, he does return, with his freeek well and truly on, strapped to this gyrating musical groin like some sort of massive techno thundering pop dildo with the prime intention of giving the charts a right old rogering (which, let’s face it, has got to be good news after his last effort - the awful covers album, ‘Songs From The Last Century’).

All guns most definitely ablaze: sirens blip, modems connect (internet = sex, you see), big 'n' crunchy industrio-pop choruses fire off and then - then! - it decides it's going all early-90s with a huge squidgy semi-reworking of the riff Aaliyah’s ‘Try Again’. Who’d have thought three e’s could be this much fun?

Peter Robinson

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