Album Review: Glee - 'The Christmas Album Volume 2'

Let's just say 'Glee' peaked at 'Don't Stop Believin''...two years ago.

  • Release Date 11 Nov, 2011
  • Producer Adam Anders, Peer Astrom, Ryan Murphy
  • Record Label Columbia
  • Fact All four finalists from 'The Glee Project' feature on the album.
1 / 10
The first ever episode of 'Glee' was undeniably great: well-written, smart, funny television that built up to the cast take on the phenomenon that was and still is ‘Don’t Stop Believin’’. But it speaks volumes that the latter song is still – after two years – the show’s signature. Since that first episode, it’s been a steady stream of increasingly unappealing gunk, with this being superfluous egg number 3,203,674 in the 'Glee' cake mix. I played this to a toddler, and he started crying instantly. It was, I believe, his way of saying: “I was into the early shit, but they’ve just sold out now, man.

Liam Cash

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