Album Review: Gloria Cycles - 'Campsite Discoteque' (A&G Records)

Regrettably instantly forgettable

Another terrible name that we’re bored just reading… surely things can only get better? Barely. ‘Chancer’ is a yawnsome monosyllabic slab of indie-by-numbers. But all’s not lost, singing bassist Jen Dalby has one of those textbook folkals that make beardy men weep openly and rightly dominates the album’s highlights; see the charmingly cutesy ‘Diplomatic Dining Tables’. Apparently the lead singer is from Glasgow, so why he’s indulging in a lengthy fantasy in which he actually is Gaz from Supergrass is a mystery. Flashes of Noah And The Whale before they started constantly bleating, and equally moments that The Fratellis would consider too mawkish, do nothing to make this album any less instantly forgettable.

Rebecca Robinson
5 / 10

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