Golden Grrrls - 'Golden Grrrls'

You'll wish your adolescence sounded as carefree as this

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  • Release Date 22 Apr, 2013
  • Record Label Night School
7 / 10
When your shtick is all about sounding like you've written all your songs in five minutes and recorded them in a shed, the only way to do it well is to keep the tunes short. Glaswegian trio Golden Grrrls (exxxcellent name) know the rules. Few of the 11 songs on their debut clock in at over three minutes, and few of them deviate from a genre loosely pigeonholed as 'lo-fi, ramshackle bounce'. But, by sticking to their guns, the trio have wound up with an album that captures the live energy and free-spirited fun of any decent 'two pennies to rub together' band perfectly. 'Past Tense' hits the sweet midpoint between Veronica Falls and Times New Viking, and 'Time Goes Slow' retains a charming jangle around the boy/girl only-just-in-tune vocals. Opener 'New Pop', meanwhile, rattles primarily around a three-chord mantra – presumably because there isn't enough time in its 100 seconds to fit any other chords in. It'll never be your favourite album, but you'll wish your adolescence sounded as carefree as this.

Lisa Wright

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