Goldie Lookin Chain - 'Kings Of Caerleon'

This is the sound of a repertoire wheezing to the point of exhaustion

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  • Record Label 1983 Records
3 / 10
You can expect to go through the entirety of ‘Kings Of Caerleon’ without breaking into so much as a smirk. The same can be said of many records – ‘In Utero’ doesn’t have us rolling in the aisles either, and ‘Unknown Pleasures’ is hardly a laugh a minute – but when your raison d’être is making people giggle, it’s a bit of a problem. It’s now so long since Goldie Lookin Chain were funny we had to consult Google to check they were still in the ‘comedic rap’ game – and sure enough, this is the sound of a repertoire wheezing to the point of exhaustion. Your facial muscles might twitch during ‘Gangsta’, but everything else will be met with a stony face.

Barry Nicholson

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