Gonjasufi - 'MU.ZZ.LE'

Psychedelia of the 'inky gloom' variety

  • Release Date 23 Jan, 2012
  • Producer Gonjasufi
  • Record Label Warp
  • Fact Gonjasufi also teaches yoga in his spare time.
8 / 10
In general it pays to avoid electronic producers with dreadlocks, but let Sumach ‘Gonjasufi’ Ecks be your exception. Kaftan-clad denizen of the Mojave Desert, he found his way to Warp Records through the patronage of Flying Lotus, with whom he shares a similar mood of DMT-dazed psychedelia. Less wild than his debut, this self-produced second turns things down to a thick, inky gloom. ‘Feedin’ Birds’ finds Ecks wailing like Portishead’s Beth Gibbons possessed by the vengeful ghost of Captain Beefheart, while the wonderful ‘Rubberband’ shows off his new production chops, sounding like a lost David Axelrod score pecked at by vultures.

Louis Pattison

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