Album Review: Gregory And The Hawk - Leche (Fatcat)

Haunted, child-like music riddled with eerie melodies that leans dangerously close to tweeness in places

Gregory And The Hawk, aka Meredith Godreau, is the Nick Drake of living people. Her third album continues her journey into spectral, haunted, child-like music, getting ever eerier as she perfects winding your brain round her sweet melodies like a music-box. Sure the likes of ‘Olly Olly Oxen Free’ may verge on tweeness, but the mournful string arrangements give her songs an odd feel which undercuts any queasiness. ‘A Century Is All We Need’ is delicate but raw, ‘Leaves’ has a harder edge – well, as hard as you can be on a mandolin – and you’re left with the sense that Elliott Smith may be gone but there’s still some bruised poets carrying his torch.

Martin Robinson
7 / 10

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