Happy Mondays

Uncle Dysfunktional

Happy Mondays’ first album since 1992’s

‘…Yes Please!’ is the sound of a damaged former addict being ushered into a studio for one last shot at the big time – before falling on his arse. Most of the burbling that makes up this record is painful, like watching a Russian dancing bear in a wig crying at a foam party. The opening pair of ‘Jellybean’ and ‘Angels And Whores’ are reminiscent of the brilliant old Mondays, albeit heavily sedated and struggling for breath. But as ‘Deviants’ rears its ugly head, the record begins a slow decline into the most putrid of doldrums. It really shouldn’t end like this, but here’s hoping this is the Mondays’ final act and we’re left to remember the good times instead.

Alex Miller
7 / 10

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