Holy Fuck

Holy Fuck

Earlier this year puzzle-pop arrived on our record players, born from Battles leathering 10 bells out of our ears with cataclysmic drums and stroke-inducing song structures. But music moves rather fast these days, as Holy Fuck demonstrate with their incredible debut which pioneers the concept of puzzle-punk. The Torontonians round off 2007’s seemingly endless stream of amazing Canadian bands with the most incessantly incendiary drum-pummelling (‘The Pulse’) and membrane-melting synth-scalding (‘Safari’) you’re ever likely to hear. There are only a mere nine songs on this debut, but if there were any more it’d probably take your face off. What’s more, from ‘Royal Gregory’’s robo-stomp to the neat Super Nintendo game samples between songs, there’s not a single mind-numbingly dull vocal in sight — thank Fuck for that.

Matt Warwick
9 / 10

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