Idlewild : Live In A Hiding Place

It potters on aimlessly, but charmingly so...

Aww, Idlewild, haven't they done well? Bless. With their floppy fringes and battered cords, they give us another beauteous rumble from the abundant emotional jungle that is ‘The Remote Part’. Scarpering bassist aside, Idlewild are still shamelessly plundering The Smiths and REMs temporal lobes but, being the loveable gentlemen thieves they are, no-one minds in the slightest. This delicate mini-marathon of a song is so fragile it's on the verge of breaking. It potters on aimlessly, but charmingly so - the aural equivalent of your granddad tinkering in the shed of a warm autumn afternoon. A world away from their crazy pisshead anarcho Brit punk of a few years back, but just as essential.

Leonie Cooper

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