Album review: Irmin Schmidt - 'Filmmusik Anthology Volume 4 & 5'

A sparse delight in cinematic soundscapes

Schmidt is best known as the keyboard player for the legendary krautrock band Can. It was his classical musical training that jarred so brilliantly with Jaki Liebezeit’s jazz drumming and, on albums such as ‘Ege Bamyasi’, Damo Suzuki’s mercurial mentalism. That same classical training has also lent itself to over 40 film soundtracks, and this collection takes in a sample of those from the last 11 years. There’s no over-the-top Hollywood special effects here, though, rather the languid drones from 2004’s Schneeland and the sinister beats of tracks from a German TV series called Bloch (no, us neither). There are enough moments of genius on these two CDs to soundtrack The Horrors’ dreams for a long while yet.

Nathaniel Cramp

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