Kap Bambino - 'Devotion'

Synth-mangled brainfuckery

Photo: Press
  • Release Date 05 Mar, 2012
  • Record Label Because
  • Fact This is their fifth album
The latest offering of synth-mangled brainfuckery from the French Crystal Castles (Crystal Chateaux?) is certainly not for the weak of eardrum.

Caroline Martial squeaks like Blade Runner Barbie over the sound of a funeral pyre loaded with exploding Betamax machines (‘Burning’) and, witnessing the title track’s wall of squall and the industrial brusqueness of ‘Trapping’, it’s hard not to respect the duo’s sonic fearlessness. Even so, their stylish ferocity feels redundant on record.

This is the kind of music that needs to be heard – and felt – live to really relish. Preferably in a grimy warehouse and with a hazy hold on your serotonin levels.

Leonie Cooper

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