Single Of The Week - KID GALAHAD : Stealin' Beats EP

Chuffing great bucket bong in one hand, party keg in the other.

Portland, Oregon and Maidenhead must be on the same ley line. The stars must align identically overhead, Mystic Meg must keep boho opium dens in both. Somewhere in the great celestial scheme of things The Dandy Warhols' blisspop mothership has crashlanded in the Home Counties and out of the wreckage have crawled Kid Galahad, chuffing great bucket bong in one hand, party keg in the other.

In the week that Travis give the Later-oggling dinner party massive another inoffensive buzz to chop parsley along to, Kid Galahad bounce out of suburbia with pupils the size of Hungary, here to prove that our nation's wasted youth still know which end of a chorus to hit a beach volleyball with. High on wibbly Dr Who synths and spin-the-bottle teen exuberance, their debut 'Stealin' Beats' sets camp midway between Air and The Strokes, knocks out a fizzy pyjama party pop masterpiece and then gets on with the more pressing business of Pass The Twiglet. It's 'Scooby Snacks' for toddlers riding a Sunny Delight headrush, a cartoon joyride in a flip-top Mystery Machine. Proud Mary will dissolve into a puddle of rust-coloured slime on contact with this record. Send them a lorryload.

Mark Beaumont

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