Kimbra - 'Vows'

A rotten pool of pop

  • Release Date 23 Jul, 2012
  • Producer M-Phazes
  • Record Label Warner Bros
  • Fact 'Vows' is certified platinum in Australia and NZ
Introduced to the world via her brief appearance on Gotye’s bleating megahit ‘Somebody That I Used to Know’, no-one could have seen Kimbra’s album coming. ‘Vows’ is the absolute nadir of the cut-and-paste music fad, the inevitable endpoint where every strand of popular music is blended into an unholy swill so indigestible and rotten it defies exposition. Almost. It’s the sound of the evacuating bowels and frazzled, incoherent chatter of a first-time crack user; the blundering rhyming of Des’ree relentlessly goring every last trace of guile from Tune-Yards’ mangled cadaver and sandblasting it free of flesh to a delightful major-label-ready production sheen. It is, frankly, tosh.

Tom Edwards

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