Kindness - 'World, You Need A Change of Mind'

Knowingly banal lyrics and an unaffecting voice

  • Release Date 19 Mar, 2012
  • Producer Adam Bainbridge
  • Record Label Female Energy/Polydor
  • Fact Kindness is the alias of UK producer Adam Bainbridge
4 / 10
Kindness – aka Adam Bainbridge – appeared in August 2009 with a wicked cover of The Replacements’ ‘Swingin’ Party’, then vanished. Amid the smartly rendered pastiche of this debut, Bainbridge references Prince and Janet Jackson, yet turns those joyous sounds unpleasantly arch.

His lyrics are knowingly banal (“Baby, I can’t wait any longer”, on ‘Bombastic’), his voice unaffecting, and anyone peddling semi-ironic covers of the fucking EastEnders theme deserves to lose their fingers. However, the bass on ‘SEOD’ rattles the skins of your eyeballs, and it’s in the production that this dreary affair occasionally explodes into colour.

Laura Snapes

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