Album review: Kisses - The Heart Of The Nightlife (Surrounded By Sound)

The internet is alive with Day-Glo pop - but do Kisses do it justice?

For a snapshot of the various strands of Day-Glo pop that so delight the blogosphere at the moment, look no further than LA’s Kisses. ‘The Heart Of The Nightlife’ shimmers atop Yeasayer Technicolor and murkier hypnagogic and chillwave leanings, but amidst this glitter-flecked fug the duo often stumble in search of their own voice. So while ‘The Heart…’ is buoyant with Balearic intent and ‘Bermuda’ radiates with simple charm, a sense of apathy prevails, reaching a peak when ‘Modern Lover’ drifts into embarrassing pastiche. A work in progress, though one worth being given the time to develop.

Simon Jay Catling

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5 / 10

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