Album Review: Kris Drever - 'Mark The Hard Earth' (Navigator)

Drever fails to adventure further than the blueprint of his debut

The second solo offering from one third of cult folk tour de force LAU opens with the self-penned title track. A eulogy to the weather, its simple restrained melody and uncomplicated arrangements set the pace for the rest of the album. As with debut album ‘Black Water’, Drever never strays far from the traditional folk template. Re-imaginings of old folk numbers (‘O’ A’ The Airts’, 'The Banks Of The Nile') nestle among tracks from contemporary rock, country and Americana artists (‘This Old Song’ by Caleb Klauder, ‘Shining Star’ and ‘Wild Hurricane’ by Sandy Wright). An extremely mellow album, while hardly groundbreaking, it’s quietly beautiful in places. Ideal music for the campfire though, not your iPod.

Tessa Harris

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6 / 10

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