Album Review: Kuedo - 'Severant'

A beguiling blend of sci-fi soundtrack synths

  • Release Date 17 Oct, 2011
  • Producer Kuedo
  • Record Label Planet Mu
  • Fact Kuedo is the alter ego of bass/dubstep producer Jamie Vex'd
8 / 10
While he might have cut his teeth as half of industrial dubstep provocateurs Vex’d, Kuedo’s debut album has little to do with that genre, and nothing to do with the vague ‘post-dubstep’ descriptions that usually get thrown in his direction. Instead, Jamie Teasdale has honed a beguiling blend of sci-fi soundtrack synths (think Vangelis’ iconic theme to Blade Runner), booming hip-hop bass and the jittery percussion of Chicago footwork. While its melodies are curiously soothing, the stuttering drums of ‘Flight Path’ are the opposite – caffeinated, edgy and invigorating. That same battle between tension and relaxation runs throughout, fuelling this understated gem of an album.

Rory Gibb

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