Album Review: Lil Wayne – ‘Tha Carter IV’

There are things that are unforgivable, like Lil Wayne being boring

  • Release Date 29 Aug, 2011
  • Producer Willy Will, Develop, Megaman, T-Minus, Detail, REO
  • Record Label Universal / Island
  • Fact He was 15 when he had his daughter, Regginae, and also majored in psychology
4 / 10
I get money to kill time/Dead clocks”. Lyrical titan Weezy there, missing the memo that his trademark punchline metaphors died a very public death after protégés Drake and Nicki Minaj flogged the shit out of them.

This latest in ‘Tha Carter’ series enters the realm of being unquantifiably cack, to the point where it could go full circle and become a work of genius, but falls short at the last Auto-Tuned hurdle. With ‘Tha Carter III’ there was a touch of idiot savant about Mr Wayne. He looked and carried himself like a sizzurp-addled goblin but turned out a bass-laden album, packed with shamelessly crowd-pleasing hits like ‘Lollipop’ and ‘A Milli’. In comparison, the upbeat singles here – ‘6 Foot 7 Foot’ and ‘John’ – smack of painting-by-numbers, while fillers like ‘Megaman’ descend to the quality of bedroom-made FruityLoops demos that would autoplay on your cousin’s Myspace page circa 2005. I could be unkind and compare it to a backstreet abortion, but he’s done that all by himself with the gem of a line, “I’m a diamond in the rough/Like a baby in the trash”. The only standout track is the downbeat ‘President Carter’, though even a dubious pronunciation of ‘tiramisu’ (yes, really) can’t stop it from sagging halfway.

In short ‘Tha Carter IV’ flops not because it’s straight-up bad, but because it’s boring. Weezy was once seemingly oblivious to the rest of the rap community. After releasing a string of hip-pop bangers he didn’t have time to argue his credibility, because he was out knobbing models and being incredibly rich. But with the spike of exciting rap we’ve had in the last year, it sounds as though Lil Wayne and his Young Money minions are frantically attempting to recreate past glories. Love him or hate him, it would be a waste if, as rumoured, this is the album he bows out with.

Jo Fuertes-Knight

What is Lil Wayne looking so angry about in the video below? He raps about how his life consists of condoms and sleeping on private jets.

Lil Wayne - John on MUZU.TV

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