Limp Bizkit : My way

...boy can you hear the dollars that went into producing the guitar crunch in the chorus...

It's the "My way or the highway" one from the zillion unit shunting 'Chocolate Starfish...' album, and boy can you hear the dollars that went into producing the guitar crunch in the chorus. It's a presidential kind of a crunch, almost biblical in its resonance, and definitely incorporating military superpower overtones - so as a big old wank for the surplus testosterone swilling around the USA, you can't much argue with this. Of course that doesn't stop it being a Rage Against The Machine chorus rubbing up against a poor man's Chili Peppers verse, without the finesse of either, never mind the acuity of the former - but, hey, it does the trick.

It's actually more interesting

to witness what the nervous

remixers did with their rock-rap poisoned chalice. William Orbit kept most of it but added amusing gothtronica touches. DJ Premier lobbed out the guitars but kept

the rest. But a big shout goes

out to Barry Ashworth from the Dub Pistols for having the balls

to dump virtually the entire tune, 'reinterpret' it as dubbed-out freakoid house and consign

Mr Durst to a sped-up sample.

It's not always their way or the fairway, as they say down my local nu-metal golf club.Roger Morton

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