Little Barrie - 'Shadow'

Sometime Primal Scream guitarist shows off his own beguiling rock'n'roll

  • Release Date 26 May, 2014
  • Record Label Tummy Touch
  • Little Barrie - 'Shadow'
8 / 10
On this effortlessly exciting fourth album, the London-based three-piece fronted by part-time Primal Scream guitarist Barrie Cadogan take rock back to its thrilling basics. These 11 beguiling, absorbingly cryptic songs - rooted in blues and early rock'n'roll - are played on vintage instruments and recorded on pre-digital equipment at Edwyn Collins' London studio. They feel like they could have been made at any time since 1951, yet they sound completely, compellingly new. 'Fuzzbomb's swaggering wah-wah, 'Pauline's sleazy riffs and 'Sworn In's deliciously lazy lope don't seem to have been written so much as unearthed - as if they'd been there all along, waiting for someone to find them, knock the dirt off them and make them shine.

Angus Batey

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