Live Review: Lady Gaga

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March 28th, Staples Center, Los Angeles

As the May arrival of the [b]‘Born This Way’[/b] album hurtles closer, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get through a minute of the day without seeing or hearing [a]Lady Gaga[/a]. Not that we’d want to. And tonight (March 28), at her show at the Los Angeles Staples Center, she’s once again demonstrating how she’s rather happy with the limelight: sharing her 25th birthday with a few thousand of her closest ticket-buying friends.

For two hours she repeatedly tells her Little Monsters to fuck the bullies, to be brave, to be whomever they want to be, and that her new album comes out on May 23. Also, that her family have offered her some advice. “My dad said, ‘It’s your birthday so lots of people are gonna throw things on the stage, be careful what you put in your mouth’,” she explains. The Little Monsters are duly in screaming, squealing heaven. The raunch continues when Gaga praises her bisexual dancer: “Because, like Jesus, Michael loves everybody.”

Tonight contains much more Jesus and love and blood and people not wearing much and things catching fire – just like the Bible. Sometimes, like during [b]‘Born This Way’[/b], it’s her piano that is in flames, while she hammers its keys with the ruby slippers that Judy Garland wore in The Wizard Of Oz, having been given them as a birthday present. During [b]‘Alejandro’[/b], it’s a Statue Of Liberty that burns. When she sings [b]‘Paparazzi’[/b] it’s her bosom that’s alight. When she pulls out a phone and calls a random audience member to invite him for a birthday drink, he bursts into tears and says he prayed to God for this to happen. “God answers prayers!” says Gaga, who continues her Catholic devotion with a nun’s habit before donning a transparent latex dress.

At the end, her crew surprise her with a cake and a ‘Happy Birthday’ singalong from the crowd. And so she thanks everyone, weeping, for loving her so much. And for making her single Number One for a sixth week running over here.

Sophie Heawood