Liars, White Heat @ Madame JoJo’s, London,03/07/07

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Singing or slurring?

Beanstalk provocateur, lead singer of one of the world’s most dangerous, evolutionary bands and Dick Valentine lookalike; Liars’ Australian tower of strewth, Angus Andrew, is hilariously trashed. When he’s falling off the stage or gurning like an electrified piranha it’s funny, compulsive viewing – but not listening. In-between slurring sermons about flooding and bombs, the warped experimentalists never make our spinal fluid bubble or eye lashes frazzle as they have before. The rattle’n’thrum of newie ‘Freak Out’ in particular is murdered by their intoxicated fret-work. “You guys are all about drama and excitement,” dribbles Angus, tripping over his own legs as they sign off. You were too, once. Greg Cochrane