Little Man Tate

Sheffield Plug, 05/08/07

Tonight is billed as a fundraiser for victims of the recent flooding in South Yorkshire, but Little Man Tate singer Jon Windle doesn’t seem to be in a particularly charitable, or sober, mood. “This song’s about people who shun celebrity when the only reason they’re doing it is to be famous,” he slurs before ‘Who Invented These Lists?’. Tired lyricism aside, there’s plenty of new tracks getting an airing: ‘A Time For Anything’ is surely a ‘Mardy Bum’ in waiting, while the slower ‘Boy In The Anorak’ already elicits euphoria. These newies might stick to the buzzpop guitar-driven boy-tries-to-get-girl Little Man Tate template like industrial-strength glue, but if they raise a few quid for some new carpets, who are we to judge?

Rob Webb