London WC2 Borderline

California's [a]Nebula[/a], along with [a]Unida[/a], [a]Goatsnake[/a] and [B]Queens Of The Stone Age[/B], are reawakening a spooky, psychedelic side to rock...

For stoners, it’s a dream ticket. The return of ex-[a]Kyuss[/a] frontman John Garcia with his new band [a]Unida[/a] has been eagerly awaited. He is underground rock’s classiest performer, after all.

First, though, it’s the incendiary garage of southern California’s Nebula who, with [a]Unida[/a], Goatsnake and Queens Of The Stone Age, are reawakening a spooky, psychedelic side to rock. Their wall of sound is driven by singer Eddie Glass‘ supersonic fretwanking but there are songs buried in the middle of their stomach-churning wigouts. Titles like ‘Devil’s Liquid’ and ‘Let It Burn’ give you an idea of the lyrical content – and if it’s highbrow you’re after, you’ve come to the wrong place. Nebula want to give you high times.

Come [a]Unida[/a]’s drunken fist fight of a show, bodies fly through the air, noses are bloodied and hair is torn out as Garcia, a man with more rock panache in his little finger than a million Marilyn Mansons, claims the venue for his own. He croons and howls all over Unida’s straight-up, heavy, bluesy rock, injecting it with pathos, danger and, dare we say it, soul.

But while [a]Kyuss[/a] framed Garcia‘s voice in swirls of cosmic majesty, [a]Unida[/a]’s tunes are more formulaic. There’s a star onstage. Now all they need are the songs to match.