London King’s Cross Water Rats

The illegitimate offspring of Placebo and The Pecadilloes...

These are harsh days for our kids. Just watching tea bag-faced Toyah from [I]Coronation Street[/I] stomp down from Weatherfield to the delights of Walthamstow proves that not all nippers are revelling in a fun-filled teenage rampage like those Symposium scamps.

Take The Junket: three rum tykes straight, uh, outta Kettering, they are serious-looking sorts with the meanest of humorous streaks: “This is for anyone who’s ever thought of shagging their sister,” announces unfeasibly chirpy bassist Stevie, as The Junket jumpstart ‘Brother Sister’.

Allow them their sordid indulgences. For a start Kettering is damned strange; for a middle they have a drummer called – as far as we can ascertain – Reu; and for a grand finale, word on the street has it that The Junket are the bastard offspring of some almost certainly illegal sexual dalliance betwixt Placebo and The Pecadiloes, and for once the word on the street is not wrong.

It’s not so much the fact that singer Rick is the spit of Stefan Olsdal, although that helps. Nope, it’s more in the way The Junket combine brittle rhythms with bruised guitar bursts, how they bring together the clinical and the bleakly comical to sometimes rousing effect. With only one release thus far – a contribution to the [I]Skotch For Breakfast[/I] ‘zine EP – these are obviously early days and many creepy-crawly skins will be shed along the way. But for now The Junket are both wired and weird for sound. Yes they are.