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Along with [a]Blink 182[/a] and [B]The Goo Goo Dolls[/B], [B]The Bloodhound Gang[/B] are the retarded face of the new rock stupidity...

Do you still believe in rock’n’roll? Well, wait until you stumble across this bunch of misogynist morons. Because then even the staunchest believer might start to worry.

Philadelphia knuckleheads The Bloodhound Gang are currently Number One all over Europe with their third album, ‘Hooray For Boobies’. They don’t look like a band, more like a pigsty. Sporting big red shorts and ‘ironic’

Hawaiian shirts, they’re a diluted perversion of everything groups like [a]Rocket From The Crypt[/a] ever tried to do.

Call it ‘keg-hop’ if you like.

The Bloodhound manifesto runs: drink some beer, get some girls, go cow tipping, and then write an offensive rap-metal eulogy about how girls smell funny downstairs (if you ever see a CD with ‘Bad Touch’ on it, make sure you melt it). There’s no wit here, no early-Beasties mischief or gangsta rap polemics, it’s just offensive for the sake of it. All very ‘punk rock’, only it’s also musically inept and suffocatingly boring.

Along with Blink 182 and The Goo Goo Dolls, The Bloodhound Gang are the retarded face of the new rock stupidity. They might be popular in Continental Europe, but let’s close the ports and airports to make sure it doesn’t happen here.