London W1 Embassy Rooms

The [B]Lennon[/B]-tinged rocker [B]'Your Lies'[/B] is a great [B]Radio 2[/B] afternoon tune and her tender down-at-luck ballad [B]'Lookin' Up'[/B] showcases her gift for pathos perfectly...

Nice. The Bhs rollneck sweater brigade are out in full force tonight. Probably met up at Pizza Express beforehand for a quick salade nigoise and a lovely bottle of Chardonnay. Don’t want to fill up too much though, there’s some serious corporate country-tinged rock action to be had courtesy of Nashville soul survivor Miss [a]Shelby Lynne[/a].

With better songs than Sheryl and more street cred than Shania, Shelby‘s about to take Mondeo Man’s world by storm, but on tonight’s showing it’s unlikely she’ll be exciting anyone else.

It’s a promising start though, the Lennon-tinged rocker ‘Your Lies’ is a great Radio 2 afternoon tune and her tender down-at-luck ballad ‘Lookin’ Up’ showcases her gift for pathos perfectly. Unfortunately for Shelby she’s hindered tonight by one of the most soulless bands assembled since The Stone Roses‘ final dismal incarnation. It’s a shame, because buried somewhere under the six-string bass lie great tunes.

But oh my days, that is just the worst cover version of Jimmy Webb‘s ‘Wichita Lineman’ you’re ever likely to hear. She needn’t worry though because it’s met – as is all her set tonight – with rapturous, dewy-eyed applause from the balding, speccy Shelby groupies down the front. So, a ‘nice’ night out then, but under-35s need not apply.