London Shepherd’s Bush Empire

The old jokes are always the best, apparently....

The old jokes are always the best, apparently. And through no particular fault of their own, the currently unsigned Shed 7 have become the oldest and safest of all jokes going. Tonight is their last ever all-greatest-hits show before embarking on new material next year so, obviously, it’s bound to be a right laugh.

But first, support band The Motorhomes want to quietly announce their arrival. Like a luscious Geneva without the incessant falsetto, the Swedish five-piece crackle through tracks so beautiful you can barely believe they’re coming from a band still to release debut single, ‘It’s Alright’. They’re led by Mattias Edlund, possessor of such smouldering boy-band looks and rough angelic vocals that, somehow, you know you’ll be hearing a lot more of this year.

No doubt – once more – the same will be true of Shed 7. Tonight, they blaze through songs like ‘Dirty Soul’ and ‘Disco Down’ with an electric euphoria, a determined sense of justice that they’re still here despite everyone’s hardest efforts to the contrary. Their heinous crimes so far? That name, obviously. Er… their cheek in continuing to have hits. Mmm… their refusal to act like the arrogant little idiots most bands become after one chart success and, erm, their ability to write great pop songs year after year. Well, you can certainly see why no-one likes them.

Tonight, the Sheds aren’t vital or life-changing but they are – and this concept is difficult to grasp – brilliant [I]fun[/I]. Each song betrays their fierce pride in the chapter they’re now closing in the band’s life and looks forward, eagerly. People duly grin, dance in the aisles and sing every word to every song because that’s what pop music does.

Have you really not got it yet? Your snide put-downs aren’t going to make Shed 7 go away. So who’s the joke on now?