Astoria London

[a]Asian Dub Foundation[/a] have some new things to rant...

Fresh-faced boyish rappers Invasian may be, but their ire is genuine. By the time they slip into ‘Racist Attack’ with one kid on melodic reggae vocals and the others giving it the full-on shouty rap, we are won over. Maybe not quite Wu-Tang yet, but certainly Wickety-Wu Clan and it gets the crowd going pure bang-on mental.

The gossips have it that Ian Brown will make a guest appearance with Aziz (pictured) (named after latter-day Stone Roses guitarist Ibrahim Aziz and now doubling up on vocals). They’re a supergroup of sorts, with ex-Smiths stalwarts Mike Joyce on drums and Andy Rourke on bass, so you figure that it might be the kind of outfit that Manc superstar Brown might well bless with his presence. The set climaxes with ‘My Star’ but the monkey doesn’t make it yet somehow such is the hybridness of their repertoire which draws on every Brit movement of the last 20 years that there’s no need for the real McCoy. Suffice to say they rocked.

This gives way to the Regular Fries (pictured) draw of the dark funk, it’s the abyss, it’s Iggy hollering ‘Aisha’, it’s where clowns go to die; Benny Hill’s buried over there, Andy Kaufman says ‘Howdy’ and Viv Stanshall says ‘Whaddya know’. They’re a band who fall joyously on their collective coccyx ; and, tonight, certainly they have the best arse in town. Song titles? Make your own up. They won’t notice.

Asian Dub Foundation (pictured) have some new things to rant – largely from their awesomely accomplished forthcoming album ‘Community Music’. To be true, the printed word is never gonna capture the sheer divinity of the clash of musics (punk, funk, reggae, dub, Bhangra, freestyle Djing) and the cultural meetings (white, black, Asian…) that this lot bang together.

Despite the raucous call-to-arms of the climactic ‘Free Stapal Ram’, ADF have said they don’t want to be called ‘politcal’ and they’re right – how boring does that sound?; No, this is a wake-up siren. Slam dunk da fuck, brothers and sisters – wake up Britain, you’re dread.