London King’s Cross Water Rats

You'd think there were limits to the places he could take you....

You’d think there were limits to the places he could take you. After all, his ideas are simple. He finds a kaleidoscopic guitar groove and shackles it to ferocious electro beats. Then he turns up the volume.

Multiply that by six and you’d imagine [a]Echoboy[/a] was an obvious affair. But although he’s drawn up a seemingly familiar sonic blueprint, Richard Warren – tonight bolstered by a few freak-out associates – is in many ways a far riskier bet than his rivals, [a]Death In Vegas[/a]. It’s true that on tracks like current single ‘Constantinople’ he meanders, but not when he’s let loose onstage.

Richard Warren may remain the bland ex-Hybird with a bass, but his music is the most blissful and raucous new wave drone around. As ‘Model 352’ stutters its piston breaks and garbled synth, it makes Primal Scream‘s ‘Exterminator’ seem like Pinky & Perky.

It’s a shame that [a]Echoboy[/a]’s new record, ‘Volume 1’ – released just ten months after his previous opus – fails to live up to this psychedelic shockwave of a performance. Maybe, alone in his studio, Warren is rarely seized by the electro-punk demon that overtakes him tonight. Let’s hope he’s repossessed soon.