So, the Next Big Thing: quite a lot like the Last Big Thing. But with better tunes...

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Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach


Cardiff Clwb Ifor Bach

Demand is always high for the Next Big Thing. But things move fast these days – so fast that [a]Radiohead[/a] copyists Muse haven’t even hit it big yet, but they already have their own tribute band operating in their angst-ridden wake…

Dublin’s [a]Turn[/a] offer us plenty we’ve heard before, but frontman Ollie Cole‘s angst is as unconvincing as a drama-school dress-rehearsal. Doubling over and screwing up his face, he wants to look like Linda Blair in [I]The Exorcist [/I]- but instead, he looks more like Graham Norton. Annoyingly, he chirps, “We rock!” with cheerful incongruity between songs. Disposable pop has a new face, then – and it’s one contorted in a grimace of faux-agony.

Wilt, on the other hand, understand supply and demand. They used to be Kerbdog – ten-a-penny Irish grungers, touting generic rock burnouts. But give or take a wayward bassist, they’re back! They’re pop! And they come with a single, ‘Radio Disco’, that, rightly, has muscled its way on to daytime Radio 1.

Theirs is not the ten-point marketing plan approach to pop stardom – fantastically-named frontman Cormac Battle forgets his lyrics, and simply swears through the quiet bit of ‘It’s All Over Now’ – but their H|sker-D|-meets-Green-Day approach might just make them the latest slapstick champions of unashamedly dumb rock’n’roll. So, the Next Big Thing: quite a lot like the Last Big Thing. But with better tunes.