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[a]At The Drive-In[/a]'s reputation as one of America's greatest unknown rock bands is growing fast...

They’ve the skills to start a revolution. Currently being lumped in with the turgid US ’emo’ college schlock scene, El Paso’s [a]At The Drive-In[/a]’s high-energy rock’n’roll music is closer in spirit to [a]MC5[/a] than dullards like Burning Airlines or Jets To Brazil.

Formed four years ago, the five-piece have made their name on the American underground with chaotic live performances, a handful of low-key EPs and one long-player. Now signed to BMG and with a Rage Against The Machine US tour support under their belt, [a]At The Drive-In[/a]’s reputation as one of America’s greatest unknown rock bands is growing fast.

It’s easy to see why. Tonight’s performance is jaw-dropping in its intensity and spirit, and they’ve even got a couple of tunes as well.

Afroed frontman Cedric – Rob Tyner‘s spiritual grandson – screams and high-kicks his way around the stage to 100mph tunes of punk rock genius – all three-minute blasts of jerky, roller-coaster rock. His fellow Drive-Ins are twisting, spinning and mangling their guitars around him, making for the kind of dynamism and choreographed chaos not seen since Nation Of Ulysses came to town.

If anyone can fire up the increasingly diluted US punk rock scene, then it’s these cute, Afro-haired firebrands, such is their steely-eyed belief in the powers of incendiary rock’n’roll.

Once you’ve heard and seen the pop punk whirlwind of [a]At The Drive-In[/a], there’s no need to listen to your Blink 182 records any more.

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