London Notting Hill Arts Club

...America's loss is our gain...

It’s a hard world, but apparently particularly so in New Haven, Connecticut. That town’s most fragile sons, The Butterflies Of Love, have fled their birthplace to come to London and they claim they’re never going back. They proceed to shuffle onstage like apologetic house guests not wanting to cause a fuss, and then prove that America’s loss is our gain.

It’s only six o’clock and the crowd are weighed down with second-hand clothes from nearby Portobello Market, but Jeffery and Daniel Green are playing their hearts out. They run through 15 songs but don’t let up on the emotional fire for one second. See, The Butterflies Of Love are intense, but in a lighter-than-air way. New single ‘Wintertime Queen’ flies away from the stage like a flock of birds, circling the heads of the crowd. While elsewhere ‘Drunken Falls’ and love-affair-amid-the-rubble classic ‘Rob A Bank’ are shot through with uncertain love and confusion, suggesting half-said truths and regrets like e-mails you wish you’d never sent.

They don’t need to grind out their issues; their hearts may be on their sleeves, but you’ll only notice if you listen carefully. They can stay as long as they like.