their penchant for glazed psychedelia suggests they've seen and experienced more than most kids their age...

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London Camden Monarch


London Camden Monarch

Like [a]Hanson[/a] after a seven-month narcotics binge, during which they were force-fed records by The Beta Band, Air and The Beatles, Bournemouth’s Brothers In Sound may look puppy-dog cute, but their penchant for glazed psychedelia suggests they’ve seen and experienced more than most kids their age. And don’t they know it.

“It’s been a while since ‘MmmBop’,” winks John Power-a-like Paul Hanford, orange Jackson Five scarf draped non-ironically around his neck, as the three Brothers attempt to translate their immaculate organic studio sound into the live arena for only the seventh time in their two-year career.

This is The High And Low Show, a launch party for their new single, though the best song they play tonight – the best song anyone, anywhere has played for quite some time, as it happens – is ‘Journey Song’, from their debut EP, a euphoric beat-smeared epic in several parts, siphoned straight from the soul of ‘Screamadelica’.

If on record the uncomplicated future folk constructed by Ed Dowey, Andy Gutteridge and Hanford seems flimsy and unsure, then tonight, away from the studio songs like ‘Lauryn Hill’ and ‘Hey You’ become modern stoner anthems. It’s the sound of the Brothers delivering all they’ve ever promised. Shame it doesn’t happen more often.