Liverpool Voodoo Room

... absorb too much and you'll end up feeling sick...

[a]Hayley’s Cake[/a] are quite simply the encapsulation of everything that their sensationally absurd name suggests – enjoyable, sweet and instantly irresistible. However, absorb too much and you’ll end up feeling sick.

Hailing from the Wirral, an area notable for its musical exports ([a]Elvis Costello[/a], [a]John Peel[/a] and the mighty Half Man Half Biscuit) and having released just one seven-inch called ‘See You Tomorrow’, [a]Hayley’s Cake[/a] are trying to add to this list with their lo-fi take on funk pop that owes more to ’60s soul and ’70s disco than ’90s indie. And, hey, they’ve already got one claim to fame: they crop up on the beginning of Ooberman‘s ultra-soppy classic ‘Shorley Wall’.

Perched on a stage barely large enough to contain the radiance of prim-voiced Lucy Gannon, let alone the four shadowy male musicians, they provide moments of perfectly realised pop magic. Sonic jams such as forthcoming single ‘You Do Voodoo’ are effortlessly brilliant slices of jazzed-up calypso pop.

But unfortunately it’s the repetition of the same groove and overuse of swirling keyboards that eventually makes them sound as funky and alluring as, well, a female-fronted Toploader. If [a]Hayley’s Cake[/a] can come up with more variation and avoid sounding like a hybrid Brand New Heavies for the 21st century, then the future could look very promising indeed.