Los Angeles Great Western Forum

From the minute the lights dim, locker-room laddism is the order of the night...

The weight of 2,000 fevered [a]Blink 182[/a] fans causes a barrier to collapse on this, the second night of the band’s US tour.

After security hold back the rampant throng and hastily rebuild a stronger barrier, the band romp through a 15-song set of three-minute punked-up pop.

From the minute the lights dim, locker-room laddism is the order of the night, as frontman Tom DeLonge quips: “Los Angeles, you have the most amazing boobies I’ve ever seen.”

Several young women oblige during the gig, taking the opportunity to “blink” the band, as they plough through most of 1999’s ‘Enema Of The State’ album.

The 10,000 screaming teens packed into the hall give the gig an air of N’Sync, but the band hold the crowd captivated for over and hour with a set including ‘What’s My Age Again’ and ‘Adam’s Song’, between comedic conversations covering everything from Mark Hoppus‘ dance style to which one of them sleeps with their uncle, to DeLonge’‘s stance on stage and his love of the female form.

The same teen pop parodied in the band’s ‘All the Small Things’video takes centre stage during Blink‘s performance of ‘Dammit’ off 1997’s ‘Dude Ranch’ album, as Hoppus begins the tune singing the lyrics toChristina Aguilera‘s hit, ‘Genie In a Bottle’, as well as throwing in Eminem‘s refrain from Dr Dre‘s ‘Forgot About Dre’ to a raucous fanfare.

When the band leave the stage to take a breather before their encore, Siquo‘s ‘Thong Song’ begins blaring and Hoppus, who has stripped down to his thin white and blue polka-dot knickers and socks, runs out and takes the opportunity to demonstrate his dancing capabilities.

Once Hoppus regains his clothing, Blink closed the show with their MTV-championed, ‘All the Small Things’, leaving the masses satisfied.