London Wembley Arena

The [b]Korn Cage[/b] turns from a polite group of adolescent metal fans into a writhing, rabid mass of gyrating bodies...

Tonight, is locked in the Korn Cage – a two-tier 50ft high heavy metal prison behind the stage at a sold-out Wembley Arena. Korn have toured the world for the past year with the cage behind them, it’s part of their ‘everything for the fans’ policy which also means tonight’s set list has been voted for by the Korn faithful.

But we nearly didn’t make it in. Brent Council’s health and safety department have panicked pre-show at the thought of 40 crazed Korn fans jumping up and down on each other. Can’t think why.

After furious backstage negotiations, it’s finally agreed that 27 fans will be allowed in – if they behave themselves. There’s no drinking, smoking and we’re all requested to make sure we’ve all been to the toilet beforehand – once you’re in, there’s no getting out.

Once we’re ushered in on the bottom level of the cage, we’re met with the frankly awesome spectacle of 10,000 sweaty Korn fans. Each one holding aloft devil signs, screaming for rock action.

We’re not disappointed, Korn plough into ‘Falling Away From Me’ and Wembley goes ballistic. The Korn Cage turns from a polite group of adolescent metal fans into a writhing, rabid mass of gyrating bodies, pressing themselves against the cage’s steel bars. It’s quite a sight.

The hits follow thick and fast and mid-set we’re treated to a rather ill-advised bagpipe solo from frontman Jonathan Davies. Clad in shorts and football socks, he makes for one of rock’s weirdest frontmen, like Alice Cooper dressed for school sports day. Did we mention that he uses an autocue?

Though the Korn Caged fans are just feet away from their heroes, there’s little acknowledgement from the band, save for a couple of nods off lead guitarist Munky and a torrent of broken drumsticks from ex-Faith No More drummer Mike Bordin – he’s filling in for regular Korn drummer David Silveria – he of the Calvin Klein ads – who’s ‘injured’. He’s hardly missed though, tonight Korn breeze through tonight’s show on the momentum stoked up by the crowd. Whatever your views on nu-metal, sports metal, call it what you like, tonight’s show went a long way towards justifying just how huge Korn have become. All for the fans, in spectacle alone, this was a great rock event.