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The week the dreary [B]'Never Ever'[/B] went Top Ten, [B]Tim Benton[/B] finally decided to bring his ideas for "proper pop songs" to fruition - and [a]Baxendale[/a] were born...

Sit down, take a deep breath. The unthinkable has happened. Something good has come of [a]All Saints[/a]. The week the dreary ‘Never Ever’ went Top Ten, Tim Benton finally decided to bring his ideas for “proper pop songs” to fruition – and Baxendale were born.

Two boys from London and a girl from Reading with an album called ‘You Will Have Your Revenge’, Baxendale are a serious group alright, but serious about making glorious Day-Glo euphoric electro-pop stuffed with so many ridiculous hooks and transparent truths you can’t help but fall stupidly in love with them.

‘Music For Girls’ features the magnificent line,[I]”Keep your bittersweet symphonies/I’ll break your legs if you stop me dancing”[/I], while when halfway through the monster adrenaline rush of ‘Battery Acid’ Tim ‘dies’ and resurrects himself, it’s saved from becoming hideous, cringeworthy parody just by the sheer exuberance he exudes.

Like Pulp at their dizziest heights or a juvenile Pet Shop Boys run riot in a vat of fizzy sherbet, this is warm humanity for the dance fraternity, frenzied disco for indie kids. Who ever said dance music was all faceless and cold?