Los Angeles House Of Blues

Supergroups are never supposed to be any good...

Supergroups are never supposed to be any good. Dragged-out lumbering guitar solos, never ending banshee-screeching vocal tantrums, the never-ending jams of these |ber-celeb pair-ups are, put simply, just one big fat excuse for an ego-fest.

Though certainly guilty of all these things, the jury is still out in the case of [a]Lucy Pearl[/a], a supergroup by wont of the fact they feature former [a]En Vogue[/a] singer Dawn Robinson, Tony! Toni! Tone!‘s Rapahel Saadiq and A Tribe Called Quest‘s Ali Shaheed Muhammad.

It has to be said that on record, they’re pretty dull. It’s the pureed, digestible lovey-dovey Fugees for the 30-something set. But live, they’re something quite electric Sure, everyone’s already buzzing cos’ the Los Angeles Lakers tonight made the NBA play-offs for the first time in 12 years, despite being 37 points behind earlier in the game.

But as we take it down, on ones like “Dance Tonight” and “Lucy Pearl’s Way”, it’s beginning to feel like we’re actually at a pissed-up, rollicking, inhibition free, leave-your-attitude-at-the door reception to a best mate’s wedding. Refreshingly, egos have been given the night off, and these dudes just want to have FUN.

Muhammad’s former bandmate, Tribe‘s Q-Tip is summoned from the audience for a toast (“Go Lakers, go Lakers“). If you were wondering), the triumvirate perform a medley of hits from their individual former outfits (Dawn does “Don’t Let Go”), Saadiq gets his “Snoop” on, and we all start grinning and singing together, about how were gonna “freak tonight” as loudly as possible. Without a doubt it’s cheesy, but not a single person here would go on record and admit to it.

Anyway, they’ll never need to – [a]Lucy Pearl[/a] have just got themselves an acquittal.