Los Angeles Spaceland

...it's like 1967 all over again...

In the wake of the success of The Flaming Lips, [a]Mercury Rev[/a] and [a]Grandaddy[/a], American psychedelia hasn’t looked healthier since its golden period in the late-’60s. And the good news is, it doesn’t look as though it’s going to dry up now.

Oranger call San Francisco home and record for Amazing Grease – the label run by Scott Kannberg from Pavement. They’ve already released one great album (last year’s ‘Doorway To Norway’) and have another one all ready to go (the equally great ‘The Quiet Vibration Land’). They play fat power-chord-driven psychedelic rock that sounds like The Who, and in drummer Jim Lindsay have a man who could well be the reincarnation of Keith Moon. He flails about the drum kit with his arms and legs in a crazed frenzy, without missing a beat.

The songs are just as entertaining. ‘Donald, You’re Freaking Out’ could be an outtake from a Flaming Lips LP, all fuzzed guitars and dream-pop melodies, while ‘Telepathic Waves’ is one long pulsing wave of feedback. In some of the dreamier moments, like new song ‘Sorry Paul’, they dip into Elephant 6 territory, but mainly it’s just infectious power pop.

Oranger finish with a cover of The Monkees‘ wigged-out masterpiece ‘Porpoise Song’, and it’s like 1967 all over again. But, you know, in a good way.