*NSYNC : Los Angeles Rose Bowl

It sounds like the apocalypse...

It sounds like the apocalypse.

Blood-curdling, stool-loosening cries from some 40,000 fans of America’s biggest band – *NSYNC (2.4 million albums sold in the US in the first week of its release), shocking the airwaves for miles around for nearly two hours.

And yet after what seems like costume change number 18, [a]Justin Timberlake[/a], Britney‘s beau, unbelievably pauses to ask their biggest ever audience for more as the huge video screen behind him shows a mock-up of doe-eyed and boyish Lance Bass appearing on ‘Who Wants to Be A Millionaire?’.

One question away from a million dollars (like he needs it), “Which one of the following is not a Pokemon?” proves too difficult for poor Lance, and he decides the only way to win is to poll the audience. When you hear the right answer, to help our hero, says Justin, “Scream like a maniac. Scream like you’ve never screamed before” – like anyone here needed encouragement. A mere “hello” already reduced thousands to tears of joy. No, really. We oblige, Lance wins and from behind a screen, out pop all five lads to cover