London E1 Spitz Club

...with [B]Voss[/B] in the house, London's screaming again.

In certain parts of this almighty city, if you listen carefully you can hear the streets and buildings breathing. Occasionally, it’s a clear fresh lungful outside a club early on Sunday morning, but more often than not it’s a choked wheeze on a steaming Charing Cross Road. Ben Pitt and Catrin Jones of [a]Mao[/a] are currently making music to accompany these sounds.

[a]Mao[/a] are very much from London and apparently regulars at Metalheadz. Therefore tonight’s music is essentially unreconstructed drum’n’bass, but manages to save itself from the flat-pack beats of Reprazent and the like with the addition of, er, a string section. And a mad trumpeter. It’s all quite insane and sounds a bit like the not entirely unpleasant feeling of recklessness that comes from trying to cross a very busy road when you’re really pissed.

It’s not over yet, however, ‘cos guesting on the closing ‘Minnie The Minx’ is the bowl-haired hero of skunk rock, Campag Velocet frontman Pete Voss. He shouts something incomprehensible about rock’n’roll radio and then barks some words about “chicks in their knicks” and blows the minds of the assembled Shoreditch massive. [a]Mao[/a] might be providing a backdrop but with Voss in the house, London’s screaming again.