London WC2 LA2

How can something so wrong sound so right?

Wayne Static stands centre-stage, his hair spiked up like a tombstone. He’s got a question for us. Throat ripped to shreds after months of touring Static-X‘s mighty debut album, ‘Wisconsin Death Trip’, he steps up to the microphone and bellows for all he’s worth: “Do you guys want some fuckin’ disco music?”

“YEEEAAA… huh?” respond the crowd, as one. There’s no room for confusion, though, as Static-X thunder into ‘Otsegolation’, kamikaze guitarist Koichi Fukuda triggering huge swathes of deafening snare from his guitar, while Wayne himself yelps like he’s being sodomised by Trent Reznor with an electric toothbrush. Static-X describe this music as ‘evil disco’, but you’ll be hard pressed to identify any disco in their industrial maelstrom. Still, you can’t fault them on the rest.

Surfacing from the Los Angeles club scene on the back of tours with Slayer, Fear Factory and their spiritual cousins, System Of A Down, Static-X are fully blown industrial-metal caricature, a pinnacle of shock-metal histrionics, harder-than-thou heavy riffage, and repulsive scatological absurdity. Their cover of Ministry‘s ‘Burning Inside’ might seem horribly appropriate, but the set’s true climax comes a song into the encore, when Static-X unveil their anthem to coprophagia, the charming ‘Love Dump’.”I always loved you” shrieks Wayne Static, “Your shit’s like chocolate cake!”

It’s all so wrong. But how can something so wrong sound so right?