London Notting Hill Arts Club

In a dark bar, a secret is unfolding.

In a dark bar, a secret is unfolding. While we weren’t looking, [a]Leftfield[/a] and Air got together and sired a bunch of tripped-out ambient soundscapists called [a]Discordia[/a]. While we were busy buying records we could actually find, they were quietly releasing a couple of absolutely essential albums on tiny labels we’d never heard of.

But now, it seems, they want our attention. And there’s nothing like a semi-surreal, semi-pornographic Czech film and a woman in ’50s evening dress, warbling in Julee Cruise fashion, to get people’s attention at five in the afternoon.

And once they’ve got us, they could play a video of a tap dripping in Cleethorpes and cover the singer in a binliner and we’d still be intoxicated, as tracks like ‘La Luna Discordia’ waft around in the ether like the Cocteau Twins raised on trip-hop.

Dakota Oak Trio could do with having a semi-surreal, semi-pornographic Czech film behind them. Not that they’re especially dull. Their post-rock meanderings build up from simple riffs to a manically drummed intensity that rivals Mogwai. And they’ve got tunes. But these three unassuming Manc blokes standing still need a focus to pull it off. Give ’em some visuals or spin out their three-minute noodlings to the epic masterpieces they hint at, and they’d be something really special.