London WC1 Borderline

Tonight's show trudges along like an old [a]Van Morrison[/a] record.

Conway Savage‘s day job is tinkling the ivories for [a]Nick Cave[/a]’s Bad Seeds, so you won’t be surprised to learn that this side project isn’t an odyssey into drum’n’bass. Tonight, he’s teamed up with vocalist Suzie Higgie (once of the Falling Joys) for a mellow rather than murderous show at the Borderline.

Conway doesn’t seem as fixated with silver pistols, bodies down wells and the Old Testament as his boss. The songs from his current long player ‘Soon Will Be Tomorrow’ have as much in common with Cowboy Junkies as the literary bleakness found in this genre at its best. These are yearning love songs thick with acoustic tradition, almost whimsical in a rural and mythic downhome way, and only one seems to be about death.

Tonight’s show trudges along like an old Van Morrison record. The crowd collectively seems to realise that what’s missing is the theatricals to go with the sound; the dramatic tension that enlivens so many Nick Cave gigs is almost completely absent here. Occasionally chilling in places, ultimately we’re left with the feeling that Conway sleeps rather too well at night to mix it up on stage with the real dark lords.