Manchester Night And Day

Mama, we're all crazee now. We must be. 'Cos we're here.

Mama, we’re all crazee now. We must be. ‘Cos we’re here. Again. Nipples taped-up in readiness for the second six-hour Night And Day tribute-marathon. Ten bands rifling through the stack-heeled bargain bin of history, for (good) glam tunes to cover.

So, God Sister Helen get shriekingly noo wave on Suzi Quatro‘s ass, Los Nachos cover Kiss, while the fantastic Lemming Rain (one barmy bloke) lower Slade into a boiling pot of electronic oomph. [I]”Sing with me!”[/I] Alright, just don’t hurt us.

Meanwhile, Desolation Angels make the New York Dolls‘Personality Crisis’ touching (think: The Smiths), and Jackie O (The Stooges) are just gloriously touched. Bunny‘s ‘Virginia Plain’ is too straight, especially after the interminable wait that precedes it, but Misty Dixon tackle ‘Suffragette City’ with girl-group pizzazz.

The podium places? Step up, B Fab UK, who strip ‘Blockbuster’ back to mad PJ Harvey/Sonic Youth minimalism. I Am Kloot turn ‘Children Of The Revolution’ into a malevolent lament, before rocking out as few probably imagine they can. “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me”, John Bramwell spits, before tumbling from his stool. And, finally, The Clint Boon Experience merge ‘Jean Genie’/‘White No Sugar’ into a trumpet-blasted, FX-spattered stomp. Drummer Tony Thompson looks like the happiest man alive. With good reason.

Less spectacular than the Sabbath night, but not without its moments. Madonna is set to be deconstructed in a couple of months’ time.