Oxford Bullingdon Arms

There is the sneaking suspicion that [a]Glitterbug[/a] are actually the kid brother of [a]These Animal Men[/a]

It’s pointless talking about glam-rock revivals any more, since there’s always a new pretender to the lami-and-leather throne just around the corner. If last week it was [a]Rachel Stamp[/a], now it’s the turn of [a]King Adora[/a] and London quartet [a]Glitterbug[/a].

Looking suitably skinny and spiky, [a]Glitterbug[/a] still believe that Sid Vicious died to save us, and that music never really progressed after Hanoi Rocks split. All of which is perfectly admirable, especially when there’s enough effort and energy being exerted onstage to power a small town. But beyond lead singer Leighton Carter‘s shameless vogueing, there is the sneaking suspicion that [a]Glitterbug[/a] are actually the kid brother of These Animal Men – which is an altogether more worrying prospect.

New single, ‘London’s Burning’ possesses a hint of Supergrass fizz, but as the set wears on you start to feel that – with the right wigs – they could be Bon Jovi. Hope is finally dashed with ‘Kiss It’ which is a deadringer for 4 Non Blondes‘What’s Going On’ and you’re left looking into Leighton‘s eyes to see whether that defiance is for real, or simply another pose. For their part, [a]Glitterbug[/a] probably have one eye on a series of extensive eastern European tours, where their glam-trash anthems might come up against a rather less cynical audience.