Hollywood Club Blue

Tonight is surreal...

Tonight is surreal. A Hollywood party for the premiere of a new Tinseltown movie and the resolutely lo-fi [a]Her Space Holiday[/a] are the entertainment. Admittedly, we’re talking about [I]Chuck & Buck[/I], a decidedly independent film, but the place is still awash with laser lighting, TV crews and paparazzi photographers.

In the midst of all this sits Marc Bianchi along with his girlfriend Keely, the live face of [a]Her Space Holiday[/a]. Strangely, Bianchi, in a nerdy striped shirt and thick glasses, seems distinctly unphased by it all. He just gets on with playing his neo-Spiritualized soundscapes to the crowded room, music swelling over the incessant chatter.

Since it’s an ‘event’, [a]Her Space Holiday[/a] have come armed with special effects, custom tailoring an audio-visual experience – adapting the songs with movie dialogue and playing before projections of scenes from the film itself. In doing so they expand their musical vision, in the process echoing electronic experimentalists like Pole and To Rococo Rot.

Alas, in some ways it’s wasted, with the majority of the crowd more intent on schmoozing and being seen. Which is a shame, because tonight [a]Her Space Holiday[/a] are far more entertaining than the movie they’re playing before.