London WC1 Water Rats

Proof that rock, punk and all associated pubescent obsessions are in rude health...

Ask a stupid question and you’ll get the obvious answer. The prime example being singer Jason Perry roaring, “Are you ready to rock?” to a crowd of baggy-trousered teens. But that’s A: the response to a query so basic no-one else bothers to ask it.

If anything they’re getting purer in their intent to articulate boredom through top tunes, stretching ‘Foghorn’ and ‘Singalong’ until they rage furiously. And there are similarly priceless moments to be had throughout; the moment you realise Perry talks just like he sings; list song ‘Bad Idea’ being so splenetic you’re surprised the objects of his bile don’t just wither and die; or guitarist Mark Chapman wearing a shirt saying ‘Rock Hard’, just in case he forgets. This is the full bonzo package.

In their own small way, however, they are moving on. Of the new songs, some wallow in psychedelic distortion, others possess melodies you could whistle on the bus, and new single ‘Summer On The Underground’ features slow bits [I]and[/I] swirling keyboards. Then they all disappear under primal barrages of noise.

As musical progressions go, it’s akin to jumping up and down repeatedly on the same spot. But if you’re after proof that rock, punk, and all associated pubescent obsessions are in the rudest of health, you need look no further.